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Company Genomax Ltd is a leading manufacturer of mattress frames branded “ROSSMARI“.“ROSSMARI” brand is known on the Bulgarian market for years, recognized by consumers as a symbol of flexibility in supply and striving to meet the demands of customers seeking a quality product at a good price. Produced by us mattress frames, have a certificate of European Design No: 001034912 / 02.02.2009 and design No: 6823/24.09.2008.

The entire range of products offered by us is available storage, which can provide a flexible service.


In 1992 established company ET “RossMari – Geno Genov” developing major international transport activities, subsequently creating a company Genomax Ltd specializing in the manufacture of mattress frames.

In 1999 company decided to develop new business production of mattress frames. By the end of the year developing its own design and organize the production process. The initial implementation is based on developing cooperation with manufacturing facilities in Apriltsi.

In 2000 for the first time on Bulgarian market come out product matttress frame under the trade name “ROSSMARI” series Standard.

In 2001 product range to add 5 size mattress frames meet European standards.

In 2002 build up its own production facility in the rent a room in village Zamfirovo, Berkovitsa Municipality. Add options “Chest” and “practice”.

In 2004 is establish company Genomax Ltd, which inherits from ET “Ross Mari – Geno Genov” production activity of mattress frames. Genomax Ltd acquired its own manufacturing base in village Zamfirovo, Berkovitsa municipality and equipped carpentry workshop. It is purchased the first automatic drilling machine.

Until 2005 developed distribution network, which gradually cover all regions of the country.

In 2007 Genomax Ltd placed on the Bulgarian market series of mattress frames “Black Charm” and “Flex System”. From these series are available with integrated high-tech bike frames and remote control. With its attractive price, they become accessible to more users

In 2008 is patented and pioneered the market an innovative product – “Roll Flex”. Start the production of metal mattress frames under the brand name “Dream System”.

In 2009 Genomax Ltd added to its production range of MDF beds and set tables. Start production of own mattresses series “Simple”.

In 2010 is rented warehouse in Sofia area 1200m2.

Production Base

Genomax Ltd has its own administrative, manufacturing facilities and equipped carpentry workshop in the village Zamfirovo, Berkovitsa Municipality. In 2009 has purchased land in Sofia for the construction of the distribution depot. The company works with Bulgarian producers of materials.

Genomax Ltd currently has 3 offices with their own commercial stores in Sofia, Plovdiv, Zamfirovo.


Achieving all previous achievements of the company and achieve increasingly higher scores are the result of experience and professional skills of all employees working in Genomax Ltd

Genomax Ltd ensure maximum reliability of its products and services!

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