is a leader in the production of high quality branded mattress frames .

The brand ROSSMARI has been known on the Bulgarian market for many years and has been recognized by consumers as a symbol of flexibility in offering and striving to satisfy the requirements of customers seeking a quality product at a good price.

For more than 25 years,  mattress frames have been fulfilling their responsible leadership mission to enhance the culture of sleep and rest. In addition, the brand RosMari has permanently established itself in the minds of its customers as a synonym for high quality and standard in the field of comfortable sleep. Well-known on the Bulgarian market are the  mattress frames, , , , , , as well as the revolutionary high-tech  and  motor frames.

The mattress frames we manufacture have European Design Certificate No .: 001034912/06.11.2008, Industrial Design No: 6823/24.09.2008 and Certificate of Compliance No: 11P/27.10.2011.

Thanks to the accumulated experience, personal attitude and approach, the continuous introduction of innovations, leading technologies, new and eco-friendly materials, GENOMAX has achieved highly effective solutions for the relaxation and healthy sleep of its customers by developing its own line of mattresses –  and  and the newest and most luxurious mattresses SKYPUR series, which introduces a new era of true rest.

The company, representing the production of mattress frames Genomax Ltd. under the brand name RosMari, is a Genomax Group, which offers its customers a wide range of products and a wide choice not only for comfortable sleep, but also offers a wide variety of furniture for home and office, kitchens made from the most innovative materials on the market with a modern and elegant design that are suitable for any kitchen.


GENOMAX GROUP EOOD currently has its own offices with commercial warehouses in Sofia, Plovdiv and Rousse.

The team

The achievement of all the successes of the company so far and the achievement of ever higher results are the result of the experience and professional skills of all employees working in the company Genomax Group Ltd.

The company works with Bulgarian material manufacturers!
GENOMAX GROUP EOOD has been honored with a diploma and award for „Merchant with the greatest contribution to the distribution and sale of Bulgarian furniture for 2019“!
By buying these products, you are helping to preserve jobs in the country and help develop the economy in Bulgaria.